Breakout Session Round 1 (Room 3) - Fireside Chat
11/8/23, 10:45 AM - 11/8/23, 11:45 AM (Canada/Central) (1 hour)

Empowering BIPOC Women: Strategies for Navigating Bias, Building Resilience, and Shaping the Future
Speakers: Yemilo Audu, Mario Ahmadu & Joyce Odidison
Speakers: Yemilo Audu, Mario Ahmadu & Joyce Odidison

This fireside chat offers an intimate space for BIPOC women to come together and share stories of strength, resilience, and determination. We will explore strategies for navigating the unique challenges and opportunities that BIPOC women encounter in their careers and personal lives.

Our panelists guest speaker will illuminate the path forward, drawing from her own experiences and insights, offering practical advice, and highlighting the power of solidarity and community. This fireside chat is a testament to the indomitable spirit of BIPOC women, showcasing their ability to not only navigate but also shape the future in their image

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